The Innovation Lab consists of Academic Experts and industrial engineers. Collaborating with universities and suppliers, our Innovation Lab works to build the highest level of boats and develop the next generation of boats.

We research and test various materials and accessories. We use the best on our boats.

We research and try a variety of structures and manufacturing equipment, and apply it to our boatbuilding to make our boat stronger, safer, beautiful, and more in line with customer needs.

The INNOVOCEAN Difference is innovation and agility. We use innovation methodologies in our design and manufacturing to improve our products. When we receive feedback from you, we incorporate your suggestions into our design. This way our boats are evolving along with your needs.

We are also committed to the development and manufacturing of the next generation of boats.

MAC Series Electric Boats

MAC Series Unmanned Boats

MAC Series Carbon Fiber Inflatable Boats

MAC Series Carbon Fiber RIBs

2022 New innovations on INNOVOCEAN Boats

1. MAC Smart Electric Boat Package

We design and develop electric boat package for entertainment market and client required applications base on MAC Smart Electric Boats and related control systems.

2. Mac Smart Lithium Battery Bank

Designed and developed by a Canadian team of engineers

1). Using A+ quality LiFePo4 battery cells

2). IP65 waterproof packaging, marine grade sealing process

3). Reinforce all components and connections to reduce failures in huge wave environments

4). Smart EMS Bios specially designed by our own team to ensure more protection and more accurate battery remaining capacity measurement

3. MAC Remote Control

Designed a joystick that can be operated with one hand to drive the two brushless motors of the electric boat, and change the direction through the difference in the driving force of the two brushless motors. In this way, it can be operated both on board and on shore, greatly facilitating boating operations.

It changes the driving experience of traditional steering wheel control boats, which can be used in boats for fishing and cruising. It also can be used in rescue and some other industry applications.

4. MAC Autonomy Boat System

We offer customized application development for remote control and autonomy navigation according to your requirements.