Osprey Advanced Series

Osprey Advanced Series

INNOVOCEAN Osprey Advanved Series

Advanced-Version Osprey Series Inflatable Fishing and Hunting Boats

Key Features

German HEYtex PVC Fabric

Thermal bonding seams (completely weld the seams and the seam tapes together)

Patented Aluminum Transom with wheels Brackets

Three bow towing points and four davit lifting points

Advanced Yachts Tenders

Models: OS 240A, OS 270A, OS 300A and OS330A

Floor: Aluminum floor included and air deck floor is optional

High-end Inflatable Fishing and Hunting Boats

Models: OS360A, OS380A, OS 420A and OS 470A

Aluminum Floor only


INNOVOCEAN Advanced Osprey Series Inflatable boats built with German Fabric, Aluminum Transom, Extra strong large lifting points for davits and wheel brackets. We use the latest welding technology for seams and parts which are double stronger than other boats in the market. With five innovations, it is the best value product on the PVC inflatable boat market

✅Innovation1:  Unique reinforced Aluminum Transom

Why Aluminum Transom? 

The traditional inflatable boat transom consists of three pieces of plastic and wood and covered with PVC or fiberglass that will fail by rot and warp. Our unique designed aluminum transom is doubling strong and more durable than other inflatable boats.

✅Innovation2: Latest seam welding technology

We use the latest seam technology to widen the reinforcement strips, remove the makeup strips, remove the underwater part of the seams, reduce any chance of cracking and splitting, and make all tube seams deeply fused together, doubling the life of the boat.

✅Innovation3: A deeper inflatable keel

We enlarged the V-shaped structure to make the boat more stable when crossing the waves.

✅Innovation4: Wheels are ready

with wheels you can launch your inflatable boat with motor easily. The wheels are optional and brackets are ready. 

✅Innovation5: Ultralight and Rugged Construction

The Osprey advanced boats are compact and easy to stow in a locker or the back of a car. Its improved buoyancy tubes increased the boat stability and make it safer. We use best materials and parts and we build the boat with more reinforcement.

We reinforced the bottom of the boat with rubber straps in all crash-prone areas, while reducing weight to maximize boat performance.

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