Pre-Order Instructions

Send Us Your Order Information

In order to reserve a boat with the promotion price, you need to send us an email for pre-order.


Send Us Your Order Information in Pre-Order Contact US


Please send us the following information:

1. Your name

2. Your phone number

3. Your email address

4. Your billing address

5. Your shipping address

6. The boat model and color you want to order

7. The accessories you want to order

8. Pickup or shipping

Get You Order Documentation and Pay Deposit

We will send you pre-order documentation base on your order information.

 After you get the pre-order documentation, you need to pay the deposit.

 Once you pay the deposit, the pre-order is confirmed and a confirmation letter will send to you.


Get Notification for Purchase

When we get the boats in stock, we will inform you to pay the balance and arrange shipping or pick up.


Contact us with Pre-Order Contact US for any questions about your pre-order.