INNOVOCEAN Metal Master Series Inflatable Boats - Specially Built for Canadian Family Summer Water Activities

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INNOVOCEAN Metal Master Series Inflatable Boats - Specially Built for Canadian Family Summer Water Activities


This is a top-of-the-line family fishing and camping inflatable boat, equipped with more accessories, super fuel efficient, elegant looking, safe and rugged, we pay attention to every detail to enhance your water sports experience.
INNVOCEAN - Explore the waves

Easy to play and carry (total volume 3 feet to 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, 2 feet high)

Our boat can fit into the Cargo Space trunk of all SUVs, VANs, Trucks and medium sized Cars, and comes with five bags to spread the weight of each bag and organize your travel items for easy portability. It is more convenient for RV travelers to carry. The five bags are boat bag (60-70 lbs), floor bag (40-50 lbs), Canopy bag (17 lbs), seat bag and bow bag (for your carry-on items, food and drinks).
More gear for family boating and fishing

• Comes with two rod holders, making it easy to carry rods and tow hooks for fishing
• Equipped with a sunshade to protect you and your family's skin from the sun's UV rays in summer
• Equipped with an anchor seat that allows you to easily anchor your boat in the fish nest you find and enjoy fishing
• Equipped with a swimming ladder to make it easy for you to get on and off the boat. You must know that without a swimming ladder, you need to have professional training like a lifeguard to get on the boat
• Two D-rings for waterski equipment on the transom, allowing you to enjoy waterskiing
• Equipped with two specially manufactured wheels that allow you to move your boat and motor easily, making it easier to launch and disembark your boat, and to move your boat from campsite to water. It also avoids the embarrassing occurrence of installing the motor on the water and causing the motor to fall into the water.
• Anti-slip strips on the aluminum alloy floor prevent children from slipping inside the boat with bare feet.

Can be equipped with petrol, gas and electric motors

super fuel efficient
Our comparative tests found that the fuel consumption of our boat is only 20% to 30% of the fuel consumption of other similar size fiberglass or aluminum alloy boats. Our hulls are precisely designed according to the theory of fluid mechanics, making our boats easier to fly on the water and more fuel efficient.
Smoother ride through waves
When we designed the hull, we took advantage of the structural design of the rescue boat, and used the unique design of the combination of V-shape and M-shape, which made our boat perform better than other boats of the same size in the process of passing through waves.

Aluminum alloy hard floor makes your activities on board more comfortable

more secure design
Adopt the structure design of rescue boat. There are four separate air chambers to keep your boat unsinkable in extreme damage, and the anti-rollover design prevents it from tipping over when the weight is concentrated to one side. ,

Unique design of aluminum alloy reinforced transom
Other inflatable boats use a plywood transom, which is a three-piece structure in which the plywood is covered with PVC or fiberglass and glued to two plastic brackets. Generally, it will be degummed and waterlogged after a few years, or the plywood will rot in water. We solved this problem completely with a one-piece reinforced aluminum-magnesium alloy transom, giving our boats a longer lifespan.
The latest PVC welding technology
We use the latest high-frequency welding and thermal welding equipment to weld all the inflatable air chambers into a whole, and even the decorative strips of the joints are welded to avoid the occurrence of adhesive fatigue cracking and delamination.

Made of German Melher top PVC fabric
Melher marine PVC fabric has the highest reputation in the industry, its UV protection properties are top-notch, it is hot rolled five layers of material. This fabric is more suitable for welding seams. Compared with other fabrics, it is much better in seam strength and air tightness.

Reinforce all connections and accessories
All of the boat's connections and accessories are reinforced with multiple layers of fabric to avoid damage from multiple folds.

Bottom anti-collision rubber strip
There are three 20cm wide anti-collision rubber strips on the bottom to protect the air chambers on both sides and the keel in the middle.

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