How do you compare your inflatable boats with those of other brands

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I've a 5 million dollars question for you:
How do you compare your inflatable boats with those of other brands such as Bris, Brine, Seamax, Intex and Zodiac? Of course I'm talking about construction strength, quality of materials, durability, etc.
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A professor from University of Ottawa
Answer by Julian
The difference between our boats and other boats is innovation. We use innovations in design, manufacturing and marketing to resolve problems. Every time when we found some problem in our product quality (even clients wrong operation caused) we innovated or used new technology to resolve it and improve the quality. In this way we have our boats better and better. 
The first problem is plywood transom, it is easy to fail after several years, we use our unique design aluminum transom make the transom lighter and double strong than the plywood transom.
Seams leaking is a common problem in inflatable boats, we use thermo-welding to melt the seams. We even use high-frequency welding for tube construction. For more than five years we didn't get one client have tube seams leaking problem.
Anyway, we are looking for some problem or shortage of our boats and we will use innovative solution to resolve it and have our boats more durable. This is why we name our brand INNOVOCEAN. Thanks.

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